30 Day Challenge

by FemFit

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If you’re beating yourself up about not having the discipline to exercise, you’re in the right place. I’d love to connect with you to talk about how we can train smart, train safe and train consistently to achieve your goals!

Our virtual challenge begins January 2nd and ends January 31st , but you will continue reaping the rewards all year long! 


Our FemFit Challenge  beats stress to bring you confidence and clarity with a safe, science-backed training regimen which works with your anatomy and muscle condition today—to help you lose weight, feel stronger and build muscle tone tomorrow.



The FemFit Challenge  builds your capacity, momentum and self-confidence by fostering an environment of positive reinforcement. This helps you take ownership and personal accountability for losing weight, eating healthier and learning a lot about nutrition.

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“Helen can motivate me to do things that I never thought I would be able to do. She cajoled me into trying boxing and I loved it! She always uses different exercises for our sessions, so I’m never bored. She pushes me just enough but never so far that I would hurt myself. I have never felt stronger than I do now and I owe it all to Helen!”
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“I am not an athletic person, but Helen had found a way to make working out enjoyable. No single workout is the same! Helen makes sure I am progressing towards my fitness goals and increases intensity in a manageable way. I can rely on Helen to give me just the right exercises to make me feel energised but not exhausted.”
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“I really appreciate how she tailors each workout to my strengths and limitations in order to maximise results and minimize the risk of injury. She is always engaged in continuing education to learn more about the human body, exercise and health & wellness, and she brings that knowledge to each and every session.”
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“Helen is very attentive to your needs, she adapts to your body, state of mind, current diet or (how your) body feels. She is versed in so many topics related to health, fitness and wellness; she is able to connect the dots and come up with the best advice for your situation… it brings me balance… discipline and consistency. She’s more than a trainer, she’s a coach!”
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“Helen keeps things interesting and varied for each and every session. She knows how to push and motivate me in a supportive and encouraging way without letting (me) off the hook, and I have seen really great results which others have noticed.”
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“I found Helen to create accountability and commit to making my health a priority. She has truly gotten to know me and helps me achieve my goals in a manner that feels tailored to me—what motivates me, what frustrates me etc. Most notable about Helen… her support and advice on how to live a healthier lifestyle (eating well, getting sleep, general balance in life)… I can say without a doubt that she has changed my life!”
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“Working with Helen was extremely high yield. In only 6 sessions, I made significant progress. I had already worked with a physical therapist and I wish I had spent that time all along just working with Helen, as it was more effective.”
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“…I was determined to get back into a workout routine on my own. I ended up making minimal progress and resulted in an injury. That’s when I was introduced to Helen. Helen was able to ease me back into a workout routine post-injury and has continued to develop workouts for my personal needs… I have not only lost inches but have gained strength both physically and mentally. Another added benefit of training with Helen is she always has great recommendations of what to do for nutrition and workouts on the days I’m not training with her.”
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“I’ve never looked or felt stronger—in no small part because of the work Helen and I do together. …Helen has given me the right exercises so that I look super toned all over and most of the time it doesn’t even feel like work, it’s fun! Helen is super responsive to what’s happening with my life and always gives me the right regimen. Not only that, but everything is just so impeccably thought out—there’s a reason (and a good one) for each of the exercises. I feel so satisfied with my workouts and motivated to workout on days when we don’t have sessions together… my body has never looked better.”

Do you want to build healthy habits? 

The FemFit Challenge beats overwhelm, dispels confusion and saves you time by creating a clear, step-by-step exercise, nutrition and mindset plan. This decisively launches you on the shortest path to losing weight, feeling stronger and building muscle tone . 

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So what is the 30 Day Challenge?

30 day Challenge by FemFit  Focussed on holistic well-being and not merely appearance. Two experts with 23 years of experience combined offer a safe, functional and evidence-based approach to a new version of YOU.

FemFit experts can inspire, motivate and hold accountable in the most loving way possible!

You will have access to a program which combines Exercise, Nutrition,  Motivation and much more  all in one place!

  1. Three 45 min Zoom classes a week with Olena. Wednesday at 7 am ( Upper Body/Core focused) , Friday  at 8 am ( Lower Body/Cardio focused) and Sunday at 9 am ( Total Body) 

  2. Two 60 min nutrition seminars with Registered Dietician Leah where you will learn why diets don’t work, fad diets, food labels, portion sizes and managing weight loss plateau. 

  3. Two Stretching sessions on Tuesday Jan 11 & 25 th at 7 pm where you will learn how to use a foam roller and release the tension in your lower back and neck and shoulders. 

  4. Throughout 30 days you will receive a series of emails with step by step strategies to help you set up your personal and fitness goals and form new habits.


  1. Once the purchase has been made, you will get a questionnaire in the email. Fill it out 3 days before the Challenge starts! Link: Google Forms
  2. You will also receive Instructions and Schedule. 
  3. Attend at least two Zoom classes a week, do 10,000 steps a day or 45 min of cardio of your choice (walking, running, cycling, climbing stairs or rowing). Start a food log using the free app MYFitnessPal. Link: https://www.myfitnesspal.com
  4. Submit a testimonial and get a chance to win a prize. 
  1. Positive attitude! No grumpies are allowed!
  2. 5 and 10 lbs weights. Feel free to lift heavier )
  3. Loop bands Link: https://amzn.to/35Swgx8
  4. Foam roller Link: https://amzn.to/3BOUJkG
  5. Zoom

Join me in a comprehensive body lab program to exercise with proper form, build healthier habits, and support with accountability and camaraderie.

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