FemFit Body Lab inspires women to discover the freedom of living strong and healthy at every stage of their lives.

For women who value holistic health over mere appearances, FemFit Body Lab offers the FemFit Method, our science-based personal assessment, training and nutrition program. Every workout is safely customised for each individual to focus on meeting her specific goals in an environment of support, motivation and accountability. FemFit Body Lab was founded by Helen Henry, a former professional swimmer and triathlete who is a recognised fitness expert, certified life coach and NASM-accredited personal trainer. Helen holds multiple specialisations in prenatal and postpartum training (including IVF, Diastasis Recti and Pelvic Floor rehab), corrective exercise, weight-loss and nutrition. Today, Helen consults with a leading prenatal and postpartum fitness establishment in NYC and is a sought-after resource by several others across the city.

Our Professional partners include: physical therapists, doulas, child-birth, educators, nutritionists and other personal trainers to help YOU reach your goals! 

FemFit Brand Values


We have a value for specialised training. Expertise means being Science-based. Up-to-date. Functional. Innovative. We are focussed on holistic well-being and not merely appearance, our clients value a knowledgeable personal trainer who can offer a safe, functional and evidence-based approach.


We have a value for celebrating progress. Support means being Positive. Motivational. Dependable. Accountable. We are Focussed on achieving specific goals, our clients  value a personal trainer who can inspire, motivate and hold accountable.


We have a value for achieving results. Focus means being Intentional. Application-oriented. Goal-focussed. Efficient. With tightly-packed schedules, our clients value a personal trainer who can get results with the limited time and energy they have.

FemFit Method