FemFit Method


So what is the FemFit Method?

Put simply, the FemFit Method equips you with a personal training, nutrition and mindset plan designed specifically for your body and your goals. It’s the result of over a decade of contemporary research and personal training expertise, distilled in an environment of support, motivation and accountability.

It begins with a 4-part assessment to understand where you are today and where you’d like to be tomorrow.

Personal Fitness Assessment

General questions, Medical History, Exercise History, Lifestyle, etc.

What kind of shape are you in at the moment? Any pre-existing medical conditions we should know about? Is your lifestyle typically sedentary or physically active? Have you had any injuries before? This helps us modify your training plan and tailor it to meet the needs of your body as well as the demands of your lifestyle today.

1. Postural Alignment

How have you grown accustomed to sit, stand and support yourself through life? When your body is properly aligned (ears, shoulders, hips, knees, and ankles are in the same line), it reduces stress on your soft tissues because your bony structures are keeping you upright. However, if your body is out of this neutral alignment, it increases stress on the soft tissues as now they must help support your body. So, more of your muscles’ capacity must be diverted to simply managing the increased stress placed on them. This assessment helps us identify your muscle imbalances so we can better evaluate specific areas of concern.

2. Movement Assessment

How have you grown accustomed to move through life? What muscles do you use frequently? What muscles do you rarely engage? Have you had any injuries or other issues? This assessment helps us design a training plan that takes  your overactive and underactive muscles into account.

3. Goals

What are your specific goals and expectations? To lose weight? Feel stronger? Move faster? What’s prevented you from achieving them in the past? What’s your schedule like? How many times a week are you available to train? This helps us identify your opportunities so we can optimise your sessions and plan your homework  accordingly.

4. Nutrition

What meals do you have? When do you have them? Do you follow any particular diet? Keeping a food log helps us understand your eating habits and identify specific areas of concern so we can optimise your nutrition plan to meet your goals.

Once we study your condition and understand your priorities we can design a training plan that works specifically for you and your body. This tailor-made plan includes training schedules outside of our sessions, accountability check-ins and progress evaluations that help you believe in your success to fulfil your true potential.

It follows a 4-part training protocol.

Personal Training Protocol

Both overactive and underactive muscles compel your body to compromise its natural movement. This causes physical discomfort, which you typically avoid by becoming more and more sedentary. Over time, this negatively impacts your quality of life. Your personalised training plan follows a protocol to restore your body’s natural movement—and with it—your quality of life. 


Corrective exercise techniques release tension or decrease activity of overactive muscles in your body using equipment such as foam rollers, foot balls and Theraguns.


Corrective exercise techniques increase the extensibility, length and range of motion of underactive muscles in your body. These typically take the form of dynamic, static and manual stretches.


Functional exercise techniques retrain the collective function of all muscles through progressive movements.


Functional exercise techniques retrain the collective function of all muscles through progressive movements.

Every workout in your personalised plan is designed to bring strength, stamina, form and technique to how you move through life. Ultimately, our goal is to help women just like you discover the freedom of staying mentally strong, physically healthy and emotionally connected through every stage of life.

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