How to deal with emotional eating ?

How to deal with emotional eating ?

Negative feels probably give you the urge to get some chocolate versus a plate of steamed broccoli)) And it’s natural to crave crap food when you are in a crap mood, since sweets and simple carbs cause your brain to release hits of feel-good chemicals, says Rachel Lustgarten, RD at Weill Cornell Medicine in NYC and my former client.

Unfortunately the high doesn’t last. Uunhealthy grub also spikes your blood sugar, which then crashes, leaving you sluggish, hungry and no happier than you were before. Feeding feelings like stress sadness and fatigue with solid mood-boosting nutrients instead of garbage can quell your hankerings and soothed your emo’tude.

If you are stressed.

 What you want:  When your mind is fried, you can inhale bag after bag of chips. But simple carbs which your body converts to straight up sugar, put your energy levels in the anxiety-provoking roller coaster, says Lustgarten. What you need :  reach for nutrients that calm your nerves. Nuts like walnuts have zinc , which  reduces tension overtime. Wallnuts are also full of healthy fats which can help you make clear decisions.

When you are heartbroken.

 What you want:  Pizza, fries all the heavy stuff. They temporarily boost serotonin, the neurotransmitter, that makes you feel on top of the world,  but remember the comedown is a real bummer. What you need : bananas contain magnesium, which  is a healthier serotonin booster  that can improve your mood long-term.

If you are tired.

 What you want:  your insides a literally screaming for caffeine and sugar but don’t give in! What you need :  When it comes to sailing over the 3 p.m. hump, liquids are a key! Even slight dehydration can make you feel sleepy that’s because the lack of fluids forces your heart to work harder to push oxygen and nutrients through your bloodstream. Try ice turmeric lemonade or Seltzer.

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