How to gain confidence?

To get what you want- at work, in the gym, in your life- it’s crucial to have confidence.   Confidence is on par with competence when it comes to achievement. When you feel good about yourself, you are willing to take risks and better able to rebound from setbacks. You also think more creatively and push yourself harder. Genetics account for up to 34% of confidence, but you can control the other 2/3. Your confidence is based on calculations your brain makes by weighing factors like past experiences against traits like optimism. Improving your confidence means mastering that equation. These tips will help:

  1. People who believe that anyone can become good at something, regardless of their initial skill level tend to be more confident than those who think skills are innate. A growth mindset-set invites you to move past failures and take more encouragement from success. To adopt this positive- thinking style- pay attention to small wins. Celebrating these minor achievements also help you see all your progress towards a goal.
  2. Working out is one of the most powerful things you can do to increase confidence. When you exercise, your brain receives messages from your body that say- I am strong and capable. I can lift heavy things and run long distances. Exercise releases energizing mood- boosting endorphins, relieves tension and distracts you from negative thoughts. Hire a personal trainer to help you achieve your goals! 
  3. Rewrite your story. People create narratives about their abilities. For example: “ I am afraid of public speaking or I am not a runner “. Remember, you have the power to redefine how you self- categorize. Start with the way you talk to yourself. When you are thinking about an area of your life that triggers self- doubt, use third person pronouns: “Olena is tired “ instead of “I am tired “ . It sounds silly, but it works. People who used the technique before giving a speech felt more positive about their performance than those who didn’t. Third person thinking may create a sense of distance between you and your insecurities, it lets you reinvent yourself as someone more accomplished.
  4. Watch yourself win. When you imagine or visualize yourself doing something, your brain reacts as if you were really doing it. That helps when you are training for a specific event, like running a race or giving a wedding toast. But certain visualization exercises also help increase your overall self- esteem. Start by picturing a situation where you feel the most confident. Make the scenario as specific as possible. How are you standing? What you are wearing? After a while, you will be able to draw on those positive feelings whenever you need them.

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