Certain foods can help ease certain symptoms

Certain foods can help ease certain symptoms. I will give it a try?

  1. Painful PMS ?

Flexseed . Two ground tbs daily in the morning can reduce inflammation, due to omega3 and fatty acids, cause of cramping. I like it as a great source of fiber too

Salmon. This cold water fish is another anti- inflammatory food which can help relieve breast tenderness 

Eggs. Great source of vitamins D, B6, and E, which help ease symptoms of PMS

  1. Belly Bloat?

Parsley. Add chopped parsley into your soup or salad to deflate your belly, it’s also great for preventing water retention.

Papaya. It contains papain, an enzyme that breaks down gut- clogging foods. One cup, raw and cubed, should get your bowels back on track.

Whole grains. 5 grams per week until you hit 25 grams per day. 

  1. Headaches?

Pickle juice is good to prevent a hangover ?

Watermelon. Dehydration is a huge trigger for head pain and this H2O rich snack can provide sweet relief 

Dark leafy greens. Magnesium reduces migraine frequency 

  1. Chronic low energy ?

Quinoa. Iron is a must for maintaining your energy levels. One cup packs 15% the daily recommended 18 mlgs. 

Coconut oil. Oil’s fatty acids slow your body’s absorption of caffeine, which helps extend your buzz.

Cherry juice. Fruits natural melatonin will kick in by bedtime for a better night’s rest.