Most common questions I get from my clients:

  1. How do I build my endurance? I always feel like I am dying in a workout class.

A: practice makes perfect. Feeling like you are struggling is all part of building stamina. Your body needs time to acclimate. When you get that burning sensation in your lungs, your heart is working harder to give your body oxygen. The body is so adaptable! Whatever you practice- you will get good at!

  1. Should I do cardio or strength first?

A: it depends on whether your goal is to build muscles or lose weight. If you want to build muscles- do minimal cardio work prior your strength and if your goal is to lose weight you can mix in cardio and strength and it generally doesn’t matter what you do first 😊

  1. Is it possible to spot reduce fat? 

A: NO.

  1. Can you actually lengthen your muscles like Pilates /Barre classes claim?

A: NO. Your muscle fibers are elastic and stretch and shorten, but you don’t literally elongate the natural shape of your muscles. 

“Lengthening “ is a term trainers use to get full range of motion, which is a lengthened state of your muscles. If you don’t use a full range of motion, it could cause your muscles to look bulky. 

  1. How do I know if I am getting a good workout? 

A: Don’t try to rate the quality of a single gym session- look at your progress week to week. If you are efficiently challenging yourself each workout you will be able to do more of the activities you like with greater ease. 

While some muscle soreness is normal- and even motivating for some- there is a lack of scientific evidence that effectively demonstrates that excessive soreness translates to better results. The same goes for sweat- perspiration doesn’t correlate to how many calories you are burning.