How to keep up your Motivation?

Just like energy and attention, motivation is not an unlimited resource. It comes and goes. The biggest mistake is allowing our feelings to drive our behaviors when what we need is to let our behavior drive our feelings. If you wait until you feel like working out, that urge may never come. Exercising regularly shouldn’t be elective- it should be an essential pillar for overall good health! Like brushing your teeth! 

If you are tired of scrolling around in search of free videos and want to get a structure and accountability along with customized program which works for YOUR body- invest in a personal trainer.

Motivation fixes 💪🏻

  1. Give it 10. If you are not really up for those five miles you had planned, try five minutes instead. Committing to 5-10 min is a simple way to gauge where you are at. More often than not, you will quickly fall into your usual groove niece you get moving. Still dragging your heels? Consider it a sign to call it a day. 
  2. Have a plan. One of the biggest reasons we bail on the gym is not having a plan in place- and not being in the mood to figure one out. Having a preplannned workout eliminates the mental effort. 
  3. Remember how good you feel after the workout! You instantly feel a boost in energy as opposed to things that can’t be felt right away ( like weight loss or muscle definition)
  4. Remember that we are much more likely to quit on ourselves than we are on someone else, therefore- recruit a friend or hire a trainer! 
  5. Be Flexible! Think about daily exercise as you would about your diet. You eat every day but not the same things or the same amount. Use the same mentality when it comes to fitness. Didn’t get a full hour of working out? Do 15 min yoga flow or crunches! It will help you to stay on track long term! 

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