Going after big, new goals may be desirable but is also daunting.

Your solve: micro- goals. Setting super small, stupidly achievable objectives is the key to rocking your resolutions! 

Over time, mini goals become habits that are rewarding and wired into our brains. 

🥱😴😴For example, if you want to be asleep by 10 pm every night, try getting up at the same time instead because your body will fall into a rhythm that will help you feel sleepy at a consistent time each night. 

🧘🏼🧘🏼🧘🏼Another example is when people are trying to meditate twice a day. I tried and I failed. Instead, do a few 5 min guided sessions per week. Every little bit counts! 

🍕🍟🌭Junk food resolution 

Instead of banning all your junk food baes at once, reduce your intake by tackling one at a time (e.g .,soda in February, chips in March). Replace each with a healthier option (diet soda becomes sparkling water, chips get traded in for flax crackers) and so on

🚴‍♀️🏊‍♀️🤸‍♀️If you are planning to workout every day and you haven’t been active for years it might not happen. Instead, commit to two 45 min strength training sessions and two 45 minutes of cardio a week! Training four times a week is a really really good and healthy commitment.