What to wear for Diastasis Recti? or Splint or not to Splint?

To splint or not to splint that’s the question

I recommend splinting first 3-4 weeks immediate postpartum because it helps to bring everything together.


I prefer to avoid using a splint if the separation is less than 3 fingers and medium to shallow linea alba connective tissue between the recti muscles.

Splinting can be helpful IF:

You wear the splint as a reminder to contract your core with all movements

It can help you have greater awareness of our core and help make it easier to engage

your muscles

Splinting can be harmful IF:

You use the splint as your support and don’t engage your muscles at all

You have any problems with prolapsing of your pelvic organs

You cinch the splint really tight around your belly

The problem with splinting is it’s an artificial holding of the tissues together.  If you don’t learn to use your core correctly, once you stop

wearing the splint your separation can open right back on up again.

Also it’s s a pain in the butt and can be challenging to wear, especially in

the summertime.

This being said, in some cases it can

really help offer support to healing tissues and help you engage your core better.  It all depends on your situation.