About our team

Helen Henry

Founder of FemFit Body Lab

Helen began her fitness career as a professional swimmer. She then began running triathlons as well – winning the Ukraine championship multiple times, and then moving onto win the silver medal at the Europe Championship. In 2010, she moved to the United States, where she received her personal training certification through the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM), as well as an MBA degree from Iona College.

Today, Helen is an internationally recognized fitness expert and certified life coach. She holds three Pre/Postnatal specializations, as well as a specialization in Diastasis Recti and Pelvic Floor rehabilitation, and has worked with pregnant and postpartum clients of all stages and fitness levels. She also holds specializations in corrective exercise, weight loss, and nutrition. Her approach is to push each of her clients to achieve their personal best in the safest and most loving way possible. Helen recognizes that each client is unique in her needs, goals and background, but she believes that positive reinforcement never fails to encourage.


Trainers & Professional Partners

Jessica Jacob

Personal trainer

Jessie is a former teacher turned trainer. Her fitness journey inspired her to help and motivate others feel good about their bodies inside and out

Her approach in training is simple yet curtailed to the client’s individual fitness needs. Jessie pushes her clients in their sessions with a gradual progression approach. She has spent the last 5 years honing her knowledge of strength, conditioning, as well as pre and postnatal training. Jessie is a ACE certified personal trainer and a nutritionist.  In her free time, she loves traveling, exercising and eating pancakes.

Leah Barron

Personal Trainer & Registered Dietician

Leah is a Registered Dietitian and Certified Personal Trainer based in New York City. Leah received her B.S. in Dietetics from Eastern Kentucky University and completed her Dietetic Internship at The Christ Hospital in Cincinnati, OH. She went on to practice in a variety of clinical settings over the next 8 years including oncology, adult and child weight management and pediatric gastroenterology. Throughout her experience, Leah worked to treat chronic diseases that often could have been prevented through a healthy lifestyle. She realized that she wanted to do more to help people avoid these types of issues, and saw an opportunity to utilize the knowledge she gained through her formal education and personal life experience to help others transform their lives. Leah made the move to NYC in 2019 and completed the Personal Training Master Course at FPTI. She went on to receive her personal training certification through NASM, as well as her pre and post-natal training certification through Pronatal Fitness. Leah is especially interested in the science behind health and fitness and using evidence-based practice to educate others. She is passionate about helping others build healthy lifestyles they can maintain for a lifetime.


Latasha Brewster

Personal Trainer & Occupational Therapist

I am currently certified through ACE, NASM and I am a Corrective Exercise Specialist. I focus on functional training, total body workouts with a mix of cardio. As a person who used to be over 200 lbs, I learned that helping someone lose fat and keep it off its simply not enough when a client has chronic joint or muscle pain accompanied by dysfunctional movement patterns. Weight loss journey has a lot of components to it: strength and cardio training, corrective exercises, nutrition guidance and a shift in mentality. 

I am looking forward to help you with any of your fitness goals in the most supportive way possible!

Andreina Marrero

Personal Trainer

About Andreina: Born & Raised in NYC, my passion for athletics was recognized at the tender age of 7. New York City has been the root of my training, including track& field, dance & bikini bodybuilding. My persistence in the art of movement has led my passion to thrive in various environments including top boutique gyms, teaching & celebrity clientele.

Current certifications: Pre/Post Natal, Functional Training, Fascia Networks, Youth Fitness, Bodybuilding & Stability/Mobility.

Training Thoughts: “My belief is that a healthy lifestyle begins with adopting a new way of thinking. Much of what gets accomplished in life begins with a thought; Health & Wellness begins just the same. That thought leads us to feel we need change and in turn, we take action. Whether you are a new mother dealing with the rollercoaster of a new life or someone involved in a demanding corporate setting, your mental health is the driver behind it all.Training is the action that leads us down a healthier path”.
Training Philosophy: The goal is to create a comfortable environment for you to unwind from the daily stressors of life, instill discipline & ultimately, discover new strengths within.
My motto: “Think new. Feel new. Live new.” 

Leigh Walsh

Physical Therapist

Hi! I’m Dr. Leigh Welsh. I am a licensed Physical Therapist in New York and I specialize in the musculoskeletal system and pelvic health.
My treatment philosophy:
• Every individual should have a relationship with a physical therapist like they do a dentist. Annual or semi-annual check-ups can serve as a preventative visit to reduce the risk of injury and update individualized exercise programs.
• Every pregnant and postpartum woman (as well as all mothers and older
women!) should have a consultation with a pelvic health physical therapist. Women who are dealing with symptoms that we often think are “normal” but aren’t (like leaking, heaviness, pain) can benefit from physical therapy.
• I incorporate a variety of treatment techniques based on the individual – not only what “diagnosis” they might have, but also what their goals are, what their life is like, what their preferences are, etc.
Manual therapy (hands-on treatment), flexibility and strength exercises, re-education/re-training of specific muscles or movements,  functional training, adjunct techniques like taping and myofascial decompression, breathing and relaxation exercises, a heavy dose of education!
• My goal is to empower my clients so they feel more confident and capable in their daily lives. I want to provide the knowledge and self-care tools they need to feel in charge of their physical health and wellbeing.

Jamie Martira


Jamie is a DONA trained birth and postpartum doula, certified breastfeeding counselor, and going back to work coach. Jamie’s desire to become a doula was realized after the birth of her niece. Experiencing the process her sister’s family went through to welcome a new baby into the family, forever changed the way she thought about the birth and postpartum period. That’s when she left the corporate world and began to pursue her inherent passion to support families before, during, and after birth.

Then after the birth of her first child, and her own breastfeeding struggles, Jamie became a Certified Breastfeeding Counselor to ensure she had the ability to support families on a deeper level. Jamie is so grateful that her life’s experiences have brought her to this point where she has found her calling. She is devoted to providing a nurturing and positive environment for the families she supports and is passionate about empowering families to trust their instincts and find comfort and confidence in becoming parents. Jamie spends her free time with her loving and supportive husband and two amazing children, Carter and Riley.

Ashley Brichter

Childbirth Educator

Ashley is a certified cooperative childbirth educator, birth and postpartum doula, and lactation counselor. She is the founder of Birth Smarter, which provides relevant and inclusive education for expectant parents live in NYC and virtually across the world. With over a decade of experience supporting new parents, Ashley provides one-on-one support, group classes, lectures, and distance learning for the perinatal population and the professionals who serve them. After the birth of her first child in 2014, Ashley became driven to understand birth physiology on a deeper level. Better for it, she coined the 3-Actions of Physiological Birth, the core of Birth Smarter’s curriculum. Her fresh perspective on pregnancy, childbirth, and parenting and is now sought after by individuals, brands, and media outlets.

Rachel Parotta

Physical Therapist

Rachel earned her Doctorate of Physical Therapy in 2008. She has focused her career on the treatment of orthopedic, sport and pelvic health conditions. Rachel has worked with a diverse population of clients, including people of all ages and levels of physical activity. Rachel has a fierce passion for helping people return to the activities that they love, whether the activity is an athletic endeavor or an every day activity that brings a person joy.

For 11 of the last 12 years, Rachel has specialized her practice in the treatment of pelvic health conditions. Rachel’s expertise includes guiding people of all genders in the treatment of pelvic pain, sexual pain, bladder dysfunction and bowel dysfunction. A significant portion of Rachel’s practice is focused on supporting people through all phases of pregnancy and post-partum rehabilitation.

Victoria Garrett

Physical Therapist

Victoria combines her clinical background and education with tenets of meditation and spiritual practice to guide others towards a more grounded and empowered way of living. She integrates mindfulness, movement, and the creative arts to reach meaningful goals with her clients. She believes in crafting an individualized plan for each patient, addressing concerns while keeping treatment interactive and enjoyable. She has a passion for orthopedics and incorporates fundamentals of Pilates and Yoga to achieve long-term benefits by improving body awareness. She specializes in postpartum care and enjoys offering support to women while they recover and transition into a new phase of life. She is devoted to women’s health issues and feels that she has found her calling as a pelvic health physical therapist. In her spare time, she loves surfing, ecstatic dance, volunteering, and is a dog enthusiast.