The Game

The Game is a psychological workshop, which allows you to learn about yourself in a team setting. It allows you to answer lots of questions in four main areas of life, such as:

  • Career (getting a promotion, switching careers, starting a new business, etc)
  • Relationships (dating, family, friends, colleagues, clients, etc)
  • Health (work-life balance, self love and spirituality, energy to accomplish goals, etc)
  • Finances (how to make more money, investing, monetizing business ideas, etc)

How it works

A dream with a written date becomes a goal.
A goal broken down into steps becomes a plan.
A plan backed up by action becomes a reality.

You set up a Request in an area you would like to improve and play a Game with another 4-6 players in your team.

You live through a real case scenario and learn about what limiting beliefs you have, what habits/ behavior patterns drain your energy and which decisions can help you get the results you want. You may also learn that your true desire is completely different from what you think you want ( lots of people have someone else’s goals, not truly theirs).

All the information shared during the game remains confidential and all the players consent not to share it with anyone outside of the Game.

Who is it for

The game is literally for everyone who wants to discover something new about him or herself. 

If you want to :

  • Understand your true purpose 
  • Looking for a safe way to test new ideas
  • Looking to make more money
  • Looking to get rid of limiting beliefs
  • Looking to attract the right life or business partner
  • Looking to gain more energy 
  • Looking to discover any hidden talents


Then this GAME is for you.

The Game is a chance to look at yourself from a side and to get results faster.

How The Game can help you:

  1. The word “Game” is designed to trick your brain and relax it. You cant be serious when you are playing, therefore you are more likely to discover your true self in the game. 
  2. During the Game we can write any possible scenario for our life whether its your busines or a love life. 
  3. The Game goes almost like a movie, you can see yourself and  others from a side. And things are always more obvious when you look at situation from the outside perspective vs being in that same situation yourself. Thats probably why we always like to give advice. 
  4. Once we see the cause- consequence connection of our thoughts, words, actions and results of these actions we can program desired outcome. 
  5. During the game we learn how to recognise our feelings and emotions. We learn how to understand other people. This skill teaches you how to avoid conflict in a real life. 
  6. During the Game you exchange experiences and ideas among players, you receive surprising insights and unusual solutions to your problems.
  7. Few things to consider: Einstein proved that 99% of everything consists of energy. And our brain doesnt care if we see or imagine an image. Therefore, during the game we can manifest specific images and manifest our goals and dreams come true. 
  8. Our habits and beliefs can be changed at any point in life, as long as you are focusing on it. A good book on this topic is Joe Dispensa “You are the Placebo” 

What participants say about The Game

What participants say about The Game

How to play

The Game will be hosted at the end of August/ beginning of September.

6-7 players in either an online or in-person group. 

Stage 1

Meet your team
Formulate your Main Request for the Game
Set up your other goals and a time frame

Stage 2

Play the Game ( 3-3.5 hours)
Feedback from each participant of the Game.
(Please note, every person in your team is in your team for a reason)

Stage 3

Individual feedback from the Host
30-45 min audio recording with analysis

Sign up

Fill out the form for participation

Payment options include credit card, Zelle or Venmo.

Credit card (button below) – additional 3.5% processing fee

Zelle –

Venmo – @Femfit_Bodylab

The Host

My name is Olena and I am originally from Ukraine. I got my Bachelors degree at National Aviation University in Kiev and I came to the US 12 years ago to pursue my MBA degree here in New York. I graduated with honors, completed an internship in a digital marketing company. And then received a job offer which I politely declined because I realized I dont enjoy working in the office as much and I really want to work for myself. I did some soul searching and I found out that my passion was still about fitness. In fact I supported myself throughout school by doing personal training. I am a former professional swimmer and triathlete with a Silver medal on Europe Championship so its a no brainer fitness was always a huge part of my life. 

Few years later FemFit Body Lab was born. FemFit Body Lab inspires women to discover the freedom of living strong and healthy at every stage of their lives. I have created a community of like minded women who share the same values and interests and I continue to bring more professional partners to join our team.

In terms of my personal life I went through an online dating experience in New York City, (lots of interesting stories) and 4.5 years ago I met my future husband Ivan.Anyway, enough about me! My role here during our game is to lead you to results. Your goal is to reach your results in life and in this game.